Brass Bands from New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans-style brass bands have been a tradition since the late 19th century. Traditionally, the instruments seen in brass bands from New Orleans include trombones, saxophones, trumpets, and sousaphones, in addition to percussion and woodwinds such as clarinets. In times past, the music typically played by these bands was quite often a blending of African folk music and marching band music.

Brass Parade Music

Merging Hip Hop, Pop, and Funk with Traditional Music

As far back as the 1970s, the New Orleans brass band began to experience a revival of sorts. They no longer play traditional music exclusively, but have added to their repertoire a wide range of musical styles including funk, hip-hop, pop, rock, and anything else that suits their fancy. Times have changed and so has the music.

New Orleans Brass Band Promo Photo

The Resurgence of the Brass Band

Music fans are always looking for new sounds, and for those who appreciate brass instruments, they have found it in Louisiana. Adding new elements and styles to their brass music has increased the appeal. And the New Birth Brass Band, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is heading the pack when it comes to the resurgence of the brass band. Merging new and diverse music styles that weren’t around 100 years ago, such as Latin, jazz, hip hop, funk, and pop, this popular band has developed quite a nice following.

With talented musicians from top to bottom, they showed their skills by winning the Big Easy Award for the Best Brass Band. This award-winning band performs for enthusiastic crowds throughout the state and also has music for sale through the Fat Black Music Record Label. You’ll routinely find them playing at music festivals, concerts, parades, and special events, but whatever the event, they add atmosphere and interest. The New Birth Brass Band is where tradition meets funk and hip-hop.

Silhouette Image of New Birth

Tradition Meets Modern

When you’re visiting New Orleans, there’s nothing like hearing music from an approaching tuba, or its smaller brother the sousaphone. Add the blaring sounds of trumpets and trombones, the booming beat of snare and bass drums, and even some whispers from classy clarinets, and you’ve got a marching band that’ll give you goose bumps from your head to your toes. And there’s no finer group than New Birth.

Brass Ensemble Band

These types of brass ensembles have been a major part of communities in Louisiana for over a hundred years, and continue to grow in popularity as their music diversifies further. They stand for pride in communities and help people form bonds. Over the decades, the number of brass groups continued to dwindle, but the recent revival has brought this wonderful form of music back to the forefront, with new generations rediscovering tradition.

The New Birth band has developed into a dominant player on the streets of New Orleans, creating electricity that’s felt by all who listen. The band will have you dancing in the streets behind them in a parade of merriment. There’s nothing like the sound of brass instruments to lift spirits and raise community bonding. The sound of brass, in combination with percussion and woodwinds, is a pure delight to those who are seeking the merging of traditions of the past with the high-energy music of today.